Linear Media

Somerville Teaser Trailer #2 (Jumpship)

Full Sound Design & Foley. Recently released.

The Blacksmith (Unity)

Ambience, Foley & Voice recording. Magic sound design.

Dreadnought Trailer (Grey Box)

Sound Redesign to explore SciFi jets and weaponry. Computer UI sounds were synthesised from scratch using a NI software.

Project Cars - Red Bull Air Race

This was done for educational purposes with permission from Slightly Mad studios.

The sound of the planes is a mix of a Cessna propeller plane & the roars of tigers.

Pixar's Lifted - Sound Redesign

A humorous animation short that showcases a mixture of worldy and extra-terrestrial sound design. The foley and and voicework was recorded in a professional studio while I used analog synthesis to create the pulsating drones of the spaceship and ray.

Manguin Cutscene

A Penguin Apocalypse game soon to be released on Steam.

This project was done with ThinkSpace Produtions.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Cutscene Dialogue

I recorded this cutscene with two vocal artists in a professional studio.

This project was done for educational reasons as part of my MA.

Carl the Super Truck & Bulldozer - Sound Redesign

A short snippet of children's animation sound design. Most of the sounds, minus some servos and drills, were recorded at my home using a variety of toys, musical instruments and my own mouth. I finally found a suitable sound design use for my ZubeTube toy!