Rory Walker

Sound Designer | Audio Engineer

I am a fanatic audiophile with broad experience of the audio industry, having worked in a variety of media and lectured at University for a many years. I am a freelance sound designer, music producer and audio engineer, from composing and recording, through to mixing and mastering.

Below is a showreel that showcases a variety of my work with music, tv and film.


For the last couple of years and since my MA I have turned my attention to video games, working with middleware to create fully interactive and immersive sonic worlds to explore. Each new game brings new challenges and an adaptation of my own techniques which inspires me to keep on learning. Most recently I was working with Jumpship Games to produce a playable demo of their game-in-progress: Somerville.


For more examples of my sound design, please check out my Vimeo.

e: roryawalker@gmail.com

Based in Hackney, London.