Headspace Trailer Trailer for Cannes Festival Immersive Competition

Sound and Music Editing, Mixed for Cinema

Somerville Teaser Trailer #2 (Jumpship)

Full Sound Design & Foley. Released July 2018.

The Blacksmith (Unity)

Ambience, Foley & Voice recording.  Magic! Musical sound design.

Dreadnought Trailer (Grey Box)

Sound Redesign to explore SciFi jets and weaponry.  Computer UI sounds were synthesised from scratch using NI Reaktor.

Project Cars - RedBull Air Race (SlightlyMad Studios)

Sound Redesign to explore roaring engines. I did this as part of my MA at ThinkSpace Education.

"9" - Sound ReDesign (Focus Features)

I did this as part of a Sound Design Test for a company of interest. I particularly enjoyed the home recordings I did to make these characters come alive. 

Sound ReDesign Test

This is a collage of short videos that I added my sounds to as part of an interview for an audio company.

Carl the Super Truck & Bulldozer - Sound Redesign

A short snippet of children's animation sound design that led to me working on the series Car City for a few series.  Most of the sounds were recorded at my home using a variety of toys, musical instruments and my own mouth.  

The Ritual (2011) - Film Tribe

A horror short directed by Will Wright. I did all the sound design, editing and mixing. 
Watch the full video here.

Physical Education (2010) - Film London
This short film won the Best of Boroughs Award in 2010.
Directed by Rohan Green. I acted as sole Sound Editor and Mixer.