I sampled a Moog synth through some juicy analog distortion and turned it into a fully functional Kontakt Library with custom skins and controls, and I'm now giving it away for free!  Enjoy!  

WeCrashed - Official Trailer | AppleTV+

I worked closely with composer Christopher Bangs on the music for this TV series, which is based on a true story.

Desert Wind - BMW Advert Pitch

A distant but memorable production in collaboration with a fellow composer, Harry Wrigley. 

make.believe - Sony TV Advert

I was asked to compose a remix of Bach's Fugue in D minor to fit this dynamic advert.

Novartis: Long Live Life - TV Advert

An advert pitch that I composed with a lovely range of music styles. This one stands out in my memory, probably because my father used to work for Novartis!

BT Vision - TV Advert

A piece of music that I recorded with live strings, drums and double bass. I produced  this piece for Ellen McAteer and then later adapted it for this spot which ran on UK TV for a couple of years.

HTC Tube - TV Advert pitch